The Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation believes that the fulfillment of basic individual needs is an essential part of achieving a strong and sustainable community. To lead a healthy and productive life, individuals need continual access to adequate food, a safe and secure home and the dignity of productive employment. We focus on partnerships that uplift communities and strengthen the individual members by providing affordable and sustained housing, ensuring food security for vulnerable populations, and developing a workforce that can support the community.

Food Security

Food security is determined by many factors, the amount and quality of food available, the ability to access food and its affordability. To help individuals and families achieve food security, our partners supply basic and supplemental nutrition to populations experiencing hunger by growing, preparing and serving healthy food throughout D.C. communities primarily in areas with limited access. We also support programs that educate children and their families about what it means to maintain a healthy diet and connect them to positive food choices.

Housing & Homelessness

Without consistent and safe housing an individual or family is often unable to achieve their full potential. We believe that addressing homelessness, however, involves more than providing shelter. Our partners provide the full range of assistance including the initial, immediate access to shelter. Wrap around services, such as aid in accessing medical and mental health services and employment counseling can help individuals recover from the immediate crisis and prepare for sustainable, stable living situations.

Gainful Employment Opportunities

We believe that employment provides more than just financial benefits; it connects the individual to the community and builds self-esteem. While most everyone wants a job, it can be hard for those with limited or out-dated skills and those reintegrating to the community to find a stable job. Our partners provide the job training and employment counseling that help individuals prepare for the job market and find opportunities at livable wages. With the Marriott family’s long history in the hospitality industry, we have a special focus on programs with the hospitality and technology industries where diverse people can succeed along many paths.