The Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation believes that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a quality education regardless of background. Our education strategy strives to uplift the children of Washington, D.C. by investing in partners that support and develop the full continuum of education in D.C. from Pre-K through college. We partner with programs that support early childhood development, improve the quality of teachers in K-12 schools, and ensure elementary literacy and foundational academic skills.

Photos Taken by Jay Westcott

Early Childhood Development

The ages from birth to five play a crucial role in a child’s life, especially those children from homes of underserved areas. Studies show that a child’s brain development from birth to three years old is the foundation for all future learning. We look for partnerships that provide children from birth to three the emotional, behavioral, and educational support they need to be ready for Pre-K and beyond. In addition the quality of education children receive as three and four year olds plays a significant role in their later academic success. By supporting high quality Pre-K programs, we believe the achievement gap between low income children and more affluent children can be closed.

Teachers and Leaders

Innovative teachers and leaders are a must for the continued improvement of D.C.’s education system. We support cutting edge professional development and leadership training programs that grow talented individuals who can impact the entire spectrum of Pre-K – 12th grade education.

K-12 Academics & Youth Development

(Including after- and out-of-school time programs)

In the K – 12 field, we focus on third grade reading readiness and middle school transitions. We recognize that the ability of a third grader to read properly is the launching pad for future academic success. The achievement gap widens when children are unprepared to use solid literacy skills to explore and master other academic areas. We support programs that help all children enhance their reading skills and become literate, enthusiastic readers.

The transition through middle to high school is one of the most difficult times in a child’s life and navigating this period successfully is key to staying on track in school. We support out of school time programs that provide students with challenging and academically fulfilling activities that keep them engaged and connected to school.

While efforts to improve our education system will help students learn and grow, we believe that building character, integrity, positive attitude, and life skills are key components in a youth person’s ability to succeed.